1″ Dog Collar “Rich Dogs” Dog Collar

Logo for WatchDog Collar“This Year … I Am Making My Presence Known by Making Presents for Rich Dogs” Clazi -2012 – 2013

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 Purchase THIS beautiful rich dog collar.

“Rich Dog” Watchdog Collar With Pearly Bow Tie and Designer Watch by Lucien Piccard. This Luxury, Over-the-Top Dog Collar is Now Available to Buy. Go Ahead and Buy it on a LARK.

‘Rich Dog Lark’ WatchDog Collar With a REAL ‘Arnex’ by Lucien Piccard Watch Face With Quality Crystals . Pearl Trimmed Tuxedo Bow Tie Style in Black and White Satiny Cloth Topped With Unique Silver Studs. Created On-a -LARK, by Clazi, With the Rich Dog in Mind.More Videos of More Over-the-Top Rich Dog Collars by Clazi

More DOG COLLARS (with watches added to dog collars) Pictures and Music Videos Showing Clazi’s Custom, Handcrafted Dog Collars and Other Dog Products 

watchdogcollar.com  eCOMMERCE STORE is: The only place to buy WatchDog Collars by Clazi. See every Collar with a Watch and other dog products with watches, ALL handmade in the U.S.A for ALL the wanna be WatchDOGS of the World. 

watchdogcollar.org  Beautiful layout of WatchDog Collar™  dog collar images and videos – Instant WatchDogs created with Clazi’s help.

tuxn.com  Tuxedo WatchDog Collars With Authentic Diamonds.

dogsdog.net  My Dread Bizorr, the Limousine Chauffeur is a DOG. A Cane Corso Italian Mastiff DOG. See his true story here.

cane-corso.us  Cane-Corso WatchDog Collar™ was inspired by my Cane Corso Dread Bizorr

canecorsocollar.com  WatchDog Collars for Cane Corsos.

canecorsorescue.info  I will repost your Cane Corso Rescue stories here by request. Contact clazi@clazi.com.

collar-dog.net  Jack the Jack Russell Terrier Models the River Regatta Collection of WatchDog Collars.

1dogcollar.com  Images and videos of WatchDog Collar dog collars.

collardogs.com  Cape Fear WatchDog Collar City.

watchdogcollar.info  Google RSS feed for Watchdog Collar.

collardog.us  City Dogs Dog Collar Video.

dogcollarshop.net  See Video of each particular WatchDog Collar Dogs dog collars.

loved.mobi  Loved Dog Breeds.

clazi.com  Clazi is CLAZI VAZ, Watchdog Collar designer and creator

cane-corso.biz  Cane Corso Italian Mastiff true stories.

k9nd.com  K9ND stands for “BE KIND TO YOUR K9′  Top 10 Comfort Pet List. Pets comfort humans, do you comfort your pets?

supply-pet.com  Supplies for Pets -WatchDog Collar watches on dog collars.

richdog.org  Rich Dogs love this site.  Videos with original music performed by Jeff Chaz.

greenites.net  Artificial 2″ long green grass dog mats. Rec Room, Bed Head Dogs, Hot Digity Dog images and  cool video of mats. 

$45,000 Dog Collar “Cape Fear” Inspired by Cape Fear 1962 Houseboat Remodel 


  1″ Dog Collars “Rich Dogs” Dog Collar

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  3. Hey finally found you again. saved it this time. what was the site I saw the jack russell terrier on the river? modeling your dog collars? Wanna go back to it as soon as you answer..

  4. I have a handful of blogs myself and I can appreciate your work. It’s a very nice. Keep up the quality pictures and videos of your dog collars.

  5. That kind of thinking shows you’re creative and fun person.IM sure too expensive for me though I love the collar with a watch.

  6. Hi there, your new idea watchdog collar could possibly go viral?
    I just wanted to give you a quick kudos excellent video! I shared it.

  7. I rarely leave a response, however i did wind up here Watch Dog Collars. Are your dog collars really hand made? cute idea with the watches:-P And, if you are writing at additional social sites,
    I would like to follow everything fresh you have to post.

  8. Hi there you have a fantastic blog here! Thanks for sharing these interesting collars! If you keep adding more videos I’ll visit your blog often. Thanks! Jeff Chaz music is entertaining too!

    • Chaz IS awesome on the Blues songs. Buy his CD’s on ebay before they take another jump past $139. I will keep adding videos cause I really like making them.

  9. third world country visitors must think you are nuts. I like though. Poor people might be offended at your extravagance?

    • as in balancing out the good and the bad? I agree Polly. But, I appreciate that all are kind here so far. good dog lovin’ people are usually good hearted in general for sure!

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  11. My brother sent me here. This post actually made my day. Its raining cats and dogs here.

    • thanks glad I could make something today besides comment replies. Its triple digits here, but loving it by the poolside.

    • Is that a compliment or a jab? I see how you spelled faBULLous. well? I think compliment and thanks either way for commenting.

    • thanks . Do you have one? I ask these questions to know if you return and answer. I hope so. Would like to see your site as well.

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